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Agroindustrial Don Eusebio SAS

Is located north of Bogotá 40 minutes from the Dorado airport, our main farm is close to the presidential country residence and the Jaime Duque Park, which is well known for its natural environment and architectural works. Additionally, we have the privilege of having the Bogotá River near our farms where this water source is efficiently managed. Trees native to the area are planted such as: cedro, hayuelos, cirus, among others; which allows the preservation of birds in their natural habitat.

Don Eusebio farm count with two farms, the first with 18 hectares and the second with 10; we produce carnations, spray carnations and Green ball, in the main farm we find the production of the flower and the financial, human resources and commercial departments, This allows us to get all the control and attends the needs of our customers immediately.

Don Eusebio farm has the root area, where the cuttings are produced, guaranteeing from this point the quality of the product in order to sow it.

Postharvest has modern technology facilitating the process of hydration, storage and packing of the flower previous to shipments.

Now, we have 430 employees, 80% women and 20% men, for them we have different well-being programs in order for them to feel motivated and at the same time happy doing this beautiful job of growing flowers, allowing international markets to also have the possibility to enjoy this product.

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Don Eusebio - Suesca

The Suesca Farm of Agroindustrial Don Eusebio is located at Km 10.5 via Nemocón – Suesc. This land was acquired in March 2019, it has a total of 25 hectares.
This land was acquired to increase the availability of flowers for all our clients, and thus satisfy the growing demand in various markets.
The farm was adapted mainly for livestock work, and after being acquired by our company, new greenhouses have been implemented for the production of carnations and mini carnations. The common areas have undergone renovation so that our staff feel satisfied while working on our harvest.