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Agro-industrial transportation system mono fixed cable

In Agroindustrial Don Eusebio, since the year two thousand eighteen we have implemented a flower loading system called cable way for the transportation of our flowers. This system is made up of a “Flexible – Mobile” steel cable in a closed loop and a series of steel structural elements such as support towers, change of direction elements, power units, which by means of rotating pulleys allow the cable to move and the internal transport of the load through the furrows.

This system is characterized by being installed between the different areas that comprise our farm, with a design according to the characteristics of the crop and is set to maximize the evacuation of our flowers to the post-harvest place where the flower dispatch is generated.

Before implementing this system, our farm thought about its benefits, among which we find.

  • Minimize the loss of the flower at the moment of loading.
  • Reduction of time at the time of collection and transportation outside the crop, which reduces costs and generates value by arriving faster to the post-harvest.
  • Less physical effort on the part of the operators, reducing the physical demand that degenerates the health of the employees, reducing costs due to occupational health problems, creating a healthy work environment with less physical wear and tear.

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