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Our Farm

Agroindustrial Don Eusebio SAS, is located in the north of Bogota, 40 minutes from El Dorado airport, our main office is near the presidential residence and the Jaime Duque park which is well known for its natural environment and architectural works.
Additionally we have the privilege of having the Bogota River near our farms where this water source is efficiently managed. We plant trees native to the area such as cedar, beech, cirrus, among others, which allows the preservation of birds in their natural habitat.

We have 2 headquarters, one located in the municipality of Suesca and our main headquarters located in Sopo, our farm is focused on the production of Carnation, Mini Carnation, and Green Ball.

Our main farm is located in the municipality of Sopo, we have a total of 17.5 hectares in production. en producción. 
Our second headquarters is located in the municipality of Suesca, we have a total of 10.5 hectares in production
We have new facilities so that our employees feel satisfied when it comes to being in our facilities.

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